Monday, June 16, 2008

Relay For Life

I had a remarkable evening documenting this amazing gathering. If you haven't attended this event in your community, I encourage you to do so - you won't regret it! I left encouraged and inspired by the survivors, caregivers, families and friends who participated. It was a cloudy, grey evening with dramatic dark skies - many of the images were very symbolic of the light that people associated with the Canadian Cancer Society bring to the darkness of cancer.

Thank-you to all who came out to support the Canadian Cancer Society at the first Cloverdale Relay For Life event. A remarkable amount of money was raised (see the comment from the Cloverdale coordinator on my last Relay post).

I was deeply touched by attending the Relay For Life. Here are some images that capture a bit of the event - grab a coffee, the slideshow is just over three minutes long. You can press play to start the slideshow, and you can page through the images without music if you click the gallery icon at the bottom right edge of the slideshow.

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