Friday, July 11, 2008

Portrait of a Husband


Well, not really. But sometimes a portrait can be an image that tells a small story about a person.

This is a delicious loaf of COBS White Bread. We don't often eat white bread, so it is a treat when a loaf makes it into our home. COBS white bread is really soft and fluffy. Rather unsliceable, if you ask me. When I try to slice it, the bread ends up compressed and pyramid-like. But my husband can slice it perfectly and precisely. He sliced the loaf in the photo. The fact that he can slice it in this way speaks to his patience and tenacity.

I won't be keeping this image in my wallet, though.


Doughboy said...

He's a real breadwinner, no matter how you slice it.

sjb said...

That is soooo Kevin!