Saturday, March 24, 2007

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A few weeks ago, I was stuck in traffic on Front Street in New Westminster (we were headed to IKEA), and I looked over to my left, and low and behold, there was the cutest little children's boutique. Traffic started moving again, so I didn't have time to get the name, but they had some sweet dresses and toys in the window.

So today I took a quick drive back to Front Street, and entered Chick Pea Children's Boutique. What a great place! It is filled with the loveliest things for small children - from the softest newborn clothes, funky shoes, fancy Trish Scully Dresses, to feeding journals and funny Jaffa T-Shirts for my older boys. Many items are locally sourced, and would make wonderful gifts to welcome a new baby.

It is nestled in an interesting area inbetween some antique and retro furniture shops. It was like stumbling on a little treasure box - well worth the trip. And besides, it is very close to Army & Navy, and their shoe sale is coming up!

Sarah, the owner, is wonderful, and I'm looking forward to many big things from this charming boutique!

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