Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Photo Session Tip for parents:

When we photograph your little one, don't forget to be camera-ready yourself. Sometimes small children are a little shy at first, and seeing Mom or Dad or a sibling being photographed & having them in the picture helps break the ice.

This little one was so shy and serious at first, and only wanted to stare at me. I knew she had lots of personality from previous sessions (she is a 'Grow With Me' baby), so I got mom to come into the picture.

We got this:

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I love this image because even though it is shot in the studio, it captures a real moment between Mom & Baby. What they will remember from this picture is that the baby could hold up "1" finger when asked "how old are you?". Mom is laughing because she had already asked the baby a few times, but she didn't respond until she had what she wanted - to be on her mother's lap. At the moment of the photograph, Mom had just whispered in baby's ear "how old are you?"

After this, we were able to get some first birthday shots with the baby by herself. Mission accomplished!

By the way, we later noticed that the baby had the "two" sign ready with her right hand. A new photographic birthday tradition, perhaps?

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